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MDH Technologies is a trust worthy source for your Addison computer support needs. Business is conducted by our core values, our support pro’s stay proficient by learning and studying emerging technology, and we listen to our customers.

Addison Computer Repair

If you are looking for Addison Computer Repair or other computer services in Addison, TX MDH Tech can provide the computer support repair you need to keep your computer systems, servers and network running smoothly. We repair all types of computers, including gaming machines and other custom built computers. We can help you with the repair of business computers systems, and servers too!

Computer Repair

Computer Upgrades

Custom Computers

  • Troubleshoot Hardware Problems
  • Troubleshoot Software Problems
  • Reload Windows
  • Replace Hard Drive
  • Replace RAM
  • Software Installation
  • Clean Malware and Viruses
  • Replace Power Supply PSU
  • Optimize Performance
  • Upgrade Hard Drive to Solid State Drive
  • Add HD or SSD Storage
  • Upgrade RAM
  • Upgrade Video Card GPU
  • Upgrade Windows or MAC Operating System
  • Add USB 3.0, USB C, ESATA, or other ports
  • Add or Upgrade Bluetooth
  • Add or Upgrade Wireless
  • Data Transfer to New Computer
  • Custom Built Gaming Systems
  • Custom Systems for Business Applications
  • Digital Currency Production Systems BTC, ETH
  • Water Cooled Systems
  • Custom Firewalls Untangle, PFSense
  • Micro and SFF Systems
  • Media Center Systems
  • Audio Editing Systems
  • Graphics Editing Systems

MDH Technologies is based in Addison, TX. We provide tech support and computer services including network and server administration. Whether your business is looking for computer repair in Addison or managed IT services we can help. MDH Tech provides Addison computer support the way your organization needs to keep your computer systems, servers and network running smoothly.