Hosted Cloud Services

Our Cloud Solutions are build to suit, fully managed and engineered to fit your needs.

MDH Cloud 2.0

Cloud Servers

All of our hosted Cloud Servers are fully managed, come with free monitoring by our NOC and include nightly backups for no additional charge.

Fully Managed

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Cloud Storage

Our current cloud storage offering is called MDH File Sync. It gives you the ability to map a drive or use a sync client to access storage in the MDH Tech cloud.

Anytime Access

Lets us show you how you can access your data anytime from virtually any device.

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Cloud Migration

There are a number of reasons to migrate to cloud hosted services and applications. With cloud based services you don’t have to purchase expensive servers or expensive hardware.

Data Movers

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Cloud Servers

MDH Tech can provision and manage cloud servers to host your applications. While some organizations choose to work completely in the cloud using remote desktop services other may run remote applications or web applications. Our cloud servers come with free antivirus, RMM, and backups.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provide you with the flexibility of accessing your data any time from virtually and internet connected device. Our cloud storage solutions are perfect for remote workers, and organizations that need to share information across great distances. The best part is you won’t need a VPN and you can share existing active directory shares.

Cloud Migration

At MDH Technologies we specialize in cloud migrations. We can migrate your data from on premise servers, or from another cloud. Depending on the scope, size and complexity of your migration we can engineer a migration strategy that will minimize the impact on your operations.

We are working hard to keep our cloud infrastructure updated with the most recent, stable hardware and software available. The new MDH Cloud 2.0 service offerings include: • New Firewalls

• New Layer 3 Switches

• Double the amount of bandwidth to and from our Data Center

• DDos Mitigation Service

• All SSD Storage Arrays

• IDS for RDS Servers (Terminal Servers)

• Updated Backup Storage Arrays and Backup Software

While we are cost conscious, and want to provide the best cloud services at the best price we are also security conscious. The MDH Cloud 2.0 offerings include security features standard that would otherwise not be available with other service providers, or that would add to your cost with others. Our cloud service model is designed to provide a fixed cost basis for your organization. Unlike some of the well-known hosting giants our services are not metered or billed based on usage, it’s just a flat monthly fee. We can often provide much more, RAM, Processing Power, and Storage than our competitors. While price is an important factor to many organizations, our customers tend to select the MDH Cloud 2.0 service because they want to deal with a local company. At MDH Tech we also value having a well-established professional business relationship with customers and that just can’t be replicated by the hosting giants.