Computer Repair

On Site and Remote Computer Repairs

With the quality of modern hardware, computer repairs are less frequent than in years past. We see computer hardware lasting longer, getting cheaper and more powerful at the same time. Things do break though, so we provide a comprehensive computer repair service. This is often referred to as “Break Fix” service, as apposed to “Managed IT Services”. Onsite computer repairs can be provided throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area or DFW as the locals say. Generally speaking you can organize computer repairs in two basic groups, hardware repairs, and software repairs.

Hardware Computer Repairs

Hardware repairs, include any hardware component of the computer system:

CD or DVD Rom, Fans,  Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power Supply, Processor, RAM, Video Card, Network Card, and any other hardware component. Computer Repairs of hardware are generally easy. Speeding up your computer or adding additional storage is easy by adding additional hardware, or upgrading existing hardware. For example upgrading your hard drive to a SSD, or adding additional RAM can speed up your system.

Software Computer Repairs

Software repairs can be more time consuming to resolve and include operating system issues as well as problems with other applications. Some business applications offer support and your computer repair professional can work with an application specific help desk. Many software related problems can be caused by viruses, malware and other unwanted software. Of course sometimes software can “break” because of updates, or other environment changes as well. Cleaning and repairing your computer from junk must be done thoroughly, otherwise infections can come back or leave your computers security compromised.

Troubleshooting Computer Problems

When it comes to making a computer repair, it is best to have an experienced technician working on your systems. Typically an experienced technician will be able to diagnose a computer problem quickly and accurately. A classically trained tech as apposed to a self taught tech may have an advantage in this regard since troubleshooting techniques are the corner stone of most entry level training courses for IT Professionals.

What ever the problem, MDH Technologies can repair your computer. In certain circumstances it may be in your best interest to replace a computer, if that is the case we will discuss options for doing that. We repair computers all over DFW, check out our other local computer repair pages for more information.

DFW Computer Repair Service