Managed Network Firewall

How Secure Is Your Network?

Edge Security

Managed Firewalls from MDH Tech allow you to avoid making a capital expenditure for a hardware firewall. A network firewall is the device that sits between your internal network and the internet (aka "the edge". Managed firewalls by MDH Tech provide you with the hardware, administration and support for your firewall. We make changes as necessary to preserve edge network security and minimize your systems exposure to potentially malicious internet and network activity. We provide a number of fully managed firewalls from name brand manufacturers.

Our managed firewalls come with a variety of options to harden traditional security mechanisms such as content filtering services, gateway antivirus, intrusion detection, network and internet activity reporting.

I Want Network Security

AiP Defense is used to compliment edge security solutions such as our managed firewall offering, click the link to vist their site and learn more.

Managed firewalls allow us to provide you with business class network security and reporting. MDH Tech will fit you with the right firewall, install it manage it and monitor it for you. If you have problems with an MDH managed firewall we will fix it FREE of charge, even if that means completely replacing it at no cost to you. When changes are needed to your firewall we can make those for you. Typical firewall administration includes things like adding VPN users, updating firewall rules, log review and firmware updates. The best Managed Firewalls in Dallas are MDH Tech Firewalls. Call MDH Technologies today to get more information about adding a managed firewall to your network and know that you have the network security you need. Detour hackers and other malicious traffic on the internet from compromising your network. We also provide full network administration in addition to our Dallas managed firewall service. MDH Tech has a CompTIA CASP certified network security professional on staff. We are one of the few MSP's in the area to have a certified Advanced Security Practitioner on staff.