Managed IT Services

Many small businesses don’t need, and can’t afford a full time IT professional. Managed IT Service is the answer. Larger organizations may want their IT staff to focus on specific IT duties and offload others to an MSP to reduce their cost and complexity of an internal IT department.

Managed IT service empowers your business by delegating the responsibility of managing one or more aspects of your technology to a managed service provider, also known as an MSP.

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Outsourcing Your IT Overseas Puts Your Business At Risk. Located in Addison, Texas our certified IT Professionals are standing by to assist you.

Meet Our Managed IT Services Team

Matthew Hunn CEO

Matthew Hunn

President / CEO

Addison, Texas

Zach Lorenzini Vice President

Hannah Ross

Help Desk Manager

Denton, Texas

John Boehr Help Desk Manager

Harrison Ross

Operations Manager

Dallas, Texas

Norman Lehr

Matt Chaffee

Systems Admin

Plano, Texas

Network Documentation

All MDH Tech managed IT agreements include technical network documentation at no cost to the business. Our team documents all essential information about your environment. You may ask for a copy of the network documentation we have composed for your business at any time. You may also submit vital documentation for your business to MDH Tech for safe keeping. The important reasons we keep appropriate network documentation are:

  • Less time-consuming research will need to be done to fix recurring network issues
  • Detailed documentation allows all users to follow the same processes and procedures consistency across the network which will help reduce problems and errors
  • Valuable and important information will not be lost when a knowledgeable employee leaves the company
  • Documentation will help the business when on-boarding a new employee

  • Administrative Logins 
  • Vendor Information 
  • Network Configuration 
  • Server Rack diagrams  
  • Cloud Architecture 
  • User Profile Information 
  • Serial Numbers 
  • Software Downloads 
  • Special Instructions 
  • Hardware Directory 
  • Software Directory 
  • Servers 
  • Directory Structure 
  • Data 
  • IT Plan 
  • Current Resources 
  • Cable Diagrams 
  • Recovery Plans 
  • IP Address Allocation 
  • WiFi Diagram
  • Support Ticket History
  • BDR Procedures

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            Office 365

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            • Exchange Email
            • SPAM Filtering
            • ActiveSync
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            Desktop Backups


            Per Month
            • Sync Client
            • Automated Backups
            • Cloud Storage
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            Server Backups


            Per Month
            • Automated Backups
            • Monitored Backups
            • Onsite & Offsite
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            Managed Services

            “We have the best tools available to manage our customers systems and network. Our managed IT services are the most effective way for small businesses to get the IT they need to run their organization.”

            Matthew Hunn, CEO | MDH Technologies LLC


            You Bet! We want to provide you only the managed services you need and we are happy to tailor a plan based on the needs of your business.
            Great Question! Some organizations outsource all of their IT to us while others use our manages services to supplement internal IT departments.

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            Remote Management and Monitoring

            Offsite Backups

            Managed Backups

            SPAM Filtering

            SPAM FIltering SPAM Firewall

            Help Desk


            Using managed IT services from MDH Technologies effectively allows us to become your IT department.

            Why is network documentation so important?

            Good network documentation helps administrators and IT professionals keep the network running smoothly and efficiently and assists with quick problem resolution. Proper documentation is created as we work to ensure the company retains all the knowledge that went into creating the network as well as how to maintain and upgrade it. We gather information about how the network is connected and organized including components such as monitors, hard drives, power strips, routers and cables. A software directory will keep an inventory of all applications authorized for use, the names of the applications and where they are installed. It is also important to keep track of how many software licenses you currently have and the service level agreements for these applications. You will be glad you took the time to document this information if you are ever subject to a software audit so you can prove that your company is compliant. It is also important to know what to do to restore lost data and how data will be preserved from failing hardware. Documentation of the backup data location, how often backups occur, which type of data is backed up, and how backups are accessed and restored is important information to those who need it. Other IT companies with poor documentation practices may constantly pester your staff for logins and other information. Beware of companies that keep all the documentation “in their head” or do not document well. MDH Tech can also audit and document your environment as a service even if you’re not looking for managed services.