Remote Management And Monitoring

RMM = a proactive approach to network & systems administration

MDH Tech Bridge RMM

What is RMM?

RMM or Remote Management and Monitoring is essentially a small piece of software that will monitor things like systems resources on your servers and computers, the system will alert the MDH NOC when a condition is triggered, for example when you have reached 90% usage of your hard drive storage or system memory. It will also alert the NOC in the event of system failure. We can configure monitors on a number of different things like websites, mail service, etc. . .

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Managed Servers

Our RMM solution has been coined MDH Tech Bridge, because it allows us to proactively administer your computer systems and network through process automation. Creating a virtual “bridge” from our NOC, we can manage your computer systems easily.

MDH Tech-Bridge RMM

When an alert is triggered from Tech Bridge a support ticket is created at our NOC. Then, one of our network administrators will work to proactively resolve the issue, many times before it causes down time or malfunction. Each business network is different so Tech Bridge can be customized for each customer based on their needs, environment variables such as hardware and software in use current load and so on..
Our RMM system MDH Tech Bridge, also allows us remote access to your systems, so that we can respond quickly. Remote tech support is great, you will not have to wait for a technician to travel to your business. Remote access also allows us access to your systems after business hours, so that our NOC can run administrative and preventive maintenance task. Much of the scheduled maintenance procedures run during off peak hours, after hours, and holidays. To allow your business to operate uninterrupted more of the time we engineer our RMM software Tech Bridge intelligently.

RMM Features Include

  • Server & Workstation availability
  • Services availability
  • Disk Health
  • RAM usage and availability
  • Processor load and system load
  • MDH Tech Bridge
  • Overall System Performance
  • Antivirus Status
  • System and Security Logs
  • MDH Offsite Backup Status
  • System Up-time
  • Restore Point Management
  • Security Updates
  • Website availability
  • SNMP on Network Devices
  • Custom Monitors
  • Automated Procedures
  • Blacklist Monitoring