Remote Worker and Work from Home Solutions

The ability to work remotely is no longer a luxury it is a necessity.

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Why do I need the ability to work remotly?

Circumstances arise that makes it necessary for employees to work remotely from time to time. In other cases you may want to have a remote workforce or supplement your team with remote workers. Once common use case is staff that may work at night remotely or a night shift. Workers who are sick or recovering from medical procedures may be willing to work remotely. The coronavirus showed us that having the ability to work remotely is necessary to keep your team working and keep your business running. Working remotely can also help reduce your overhead because you will not have to lease or purchase as much office space, consumables and other ancillary things to support office workers.

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Managed Desktops
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Managed Servers

Our remote work solutions are engineered to support your remote workforce. We give your business the flexability to operate from anywhere.

Cloud Hosted Email and applications

We can setup, migrate and manage cloud hosted applications and services. Some of the common options include: Office 365 offerings such as Exchange Email, and One Drive Microsoft Teams VOIP and video conferencing

Remote Access

Hosted Remote Access

We can provide a managed remote access solution that allows your team to remote into their work computers to work from anywhere.

VPN Solutions

We can setup a virtual private network that will allow your remote work force to connect to your network and resources securely.

Remote Desktop Solutions

We host cloud servers that allow your team to remote in and do all of their work in a cloud desktop session.

Computer Hardware Storage & Provisioning for Remote Workforces

We can store your computer hardware, send and receive it to and from your workforce when needed. We can provision computers for users, receive computers in need of repair, send loaner and or replacement computers to your workforce when needed. Our computer hardware storage and provisioning service enables you to reduce the amount off office space you need, potentially to 0.