Server Administration

Cloud & On-premise Server Administration

Even with the popularity of The Cloud growing, many businesses still have on-premise Servers. When the need arises for adds, moves and changes to user accounts, network shares and networked applications a Server Administrator will usually complete the task. Since server operating systems are different than whats found on desktops, laptops and tablets it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable Server Administrator available. MDH Tech takes on server administration tasks daily, both for our customers on premise servers and the servers located in our private cloud.

Server Migration

Migrating from one server to another is something we have a breadth of experience with. Also known as a server migration, we can plan, and migrate your existing environment to a new server. Sometimes there are alternative ways to complete server migrations, depending on the environment, like going from a physical server to a virtual server otherwise known as P2V or “P to V”. Migrations plans are drafted and discussed on a case by case basis. If you would like information on a server migration administration please let us know.